Erin Seeherman, MS

Erin Seeherman, MS

Erin Seeherman is a graduate of the Mental Health Counseling program at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Erin’s diverse background in the arts and entertainment industry and business world sharpened her skills in interpreting and strategically executing projects aligned with clients’ visions. This unique experience lends to Erin’s strong foundation of insight and creativity in effectively connecting with and assisting a broad client base. Her work as a practitioner is infused with her warmth, sense of humor, and non-judgmental attitude.

Erin views people as separate from problem issues and favors an egalitarian approach; she believes that clients bring to the table their understanding of their unique background and life experiences, while she offers her skills and training in the field. Together, Erin and her clients collaborate to identify goals and determine strategies that will work moving forward.  Each client is different and prefers different techniques. Therefore, Erin is happy to work with clients to tailor sessions in ways that feel safe and helpful to them.


  • Wed and Thu 9a-9p


  • Fee: $90