Mary Chen, LMFT

Mary Chen, LMFT

Mary Chen is a licensed Couple and Family Therapist and member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT). She completed her Master’s degree with departmental honors at Thomas Jefferson University, focusing on Medical Family Therapy and serving as a course liaison in the university’s inter-professional Health Mentors Program, and she is completing a post-graduate certificate in Sex Therapy at Council for Relationships. Previously, she served as the Director of Digital Health Strategy at Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s national office and as the online editorial lead at The N, Nickelodeon’s teen network (now TeenNick).

About My Therapy Practice:

I treasure this work and begin each therapeutic relationship in a spirit of collaboration and an environment of non-judgment, openness, and emotional safety. We’ll work — at the pace that feels right to you — to determine the areas in which you feel stuck, uncover what’s holding you back, and work through the fundamental, sometimes difficult emotional processes of being human: grieving what may have been lost, negotiating uncertain paths, reinforcing inherent strengths and abilities, and embracing new possibilities.

Helping you develop a resilient and grounded sense of self will form the core of our work together.

My theoretical orientation is primarily Systemic — a holistic view of the self that takes into account both one’s internal and external environment to describe problems and solutions. This framework emphasizes balance: between emotion and thought, and between togetherness and individuality. Within that framework I integrate Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral, Attachment Based, and Emotionally Focused therapeutic tools to help you move through specific challenges.

My areas of specialty include:

  • Couples and individuals coping with infidelity, including emotional affairs.
  • Those facing grief for lost relationships – bereavement, post-divorce, post-break up, or ‘chronically single’, or those struggling to form the connections they want in their lives.
  • Discernment Counseling: a short-term process for couples who are not yet sure whether they want to try (or re-try) couples therapy or whether they want to formally begin the process of separation, including (and especially) if they are “on different pages.”
  • Individuals and couples impacted by sexual dysfunction or differences in sexual desire, and those facing sexual or romantic attractions that they cannot ethically engage.
  • Individuals, couples, and families facing life-altering medical diagnoses, chronic illness, or terminal illness and end of life.
  • Those struggling to feel at ease with themselves physically, sexually, or emotionally.
  • Adolescents and the parents of adolescents.

I am a queer-affirming and trans-affirming therapist versed in the experiences of multi-racial and multi-cultural families and individuals, and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about my practice or about therapy in general.

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